Black & White

There’s nothing more romantic and simple than a black-and-white photograph. This is why the black-and-white wedding photography trend has been popular for years and years. It is true that color plays an important role in how we perceive the world around us. So when I choose to shoot a photograph in black and white, it drastically changes what’s in front of the lens. For weddings, however, this technique is used to create a timelessness and romance that can’t be beat. Without color, other elements of the photograph must take on a bigger role in telling the story. Lighting, contrast, and composition are much more important in black and white images. I prefer to edit my black and whites a little to the warm side. The ability to use contrast effectively is a key skill in black and white wedding photojournalism. Of course anything I shoot in color can be converted to black & white. Approximately 85% of the images I shoot on the wedding day are NOT posed.